In the Moment

Anyone else find themselves in a battle of wanting to document things by photo, video and notes crashing against the idea of just being in the moment and soaking it all in? It’s a struggle, right? Do you ever wonder how we can “remember” the moments if we aren’t behind a lens, snapping them up? I have a pretty good memory for things, and find that photos, sketches, and words in my sketchbook help jog my memory to take me back to special places. I still fight the battle of overdocumenting things by taking out my camera, poised behind the lens, ready to capture the best stuff.

It’s funny, though: the best stuff is hard to capture, because it happens when you’re just in it.

Also does anyone else remember Instagram when you could only post that instant? It used its own camera without pulling from your camera reel. The choices we make about how we share have gotten so curated, is it even real?

The Details

Throughout the years, I continue to learn more about myself. As I type this, it seems a little odd– shouldn’t I already know myself? Let me explain.

I notice details. I’ve always known this about myself, yet I continue to learn that the details I notice often get overlooked by others. I have worked in environments where I have identified issues that no one had been able to find for years, and been able to fix the problems. Likewise, I’ve been known to completely miss the big picture. Well, that sounds a little dramatic to use the word completely. I guess what I mean is that things that could seem obvious* to others slip right past me undetected.

(*Cue the mental memory here: my entire life, my dad has insisted “nothing is obvious”. Let that sit with you a moment: what is clear as day to me might not register with you with the same clarity. My dad is wise.)

In my earlier years, I always found I was quick with a response to anyone and anything, sometimes resulting in stirring the pot unnecessarily and creating hurt feelings. While I find I still have these quick witted instincts, I tend to pause more now before responding, often playing out full conversations in my head before deciding to say a single word. Many times, I end up saying nothing at all, having convinced myself of the outcome of the interaction before uttering a single word.

I’ve started and abandoned more blog posts recently than I care to admit. Is anyone going to read this? What will they think of me? I’ve started sharing photos on Instagram and changed my mind, unable to choose the right images and word. Does this get my idea across?Will people “like” it?

At this point, this set of sentences and paragraphs seem only slightly related. One thing I know for sure about myself is that I can always bring it back together, so here we go.

For me, the details are what matters, and always will be. Moreover, your details differ from mine and that’s better than ok. We see through our own eyes, and we are all valid, whether we share daily in a public forum or quietly with those close to us or in journals and photographs we keep for ourselves.

Shanalines Designs on IGTV

I have been starting to share videos on my IGTV channel so you can see how to style some of my knitwear designs! Here is Moduloncho, a fingering weight modular poncho (get it?). I have loved knitting and wearing big shawls for a long time, and came up with this adaptable design to fit a range of bodies with the same amount of yarn. For me, it bridges the gap between shawl or accessory knitting and sweater knitting, which has a lot more places to fit. I share 3 different versions in this video.

And here is Wrapezoid! This trapezoid shaped wrap (I’m telling you, I thoroughly enjoy making up words) is knit with fingering weight yarns held double OR with DK weight yarn. I came up with this idea after looking at elementary school geometry lessons. It fits the bill for my design strategy as it can be styled in multiple ways. I share 2 different versions in this video.

While we can read the suggested pattern gauge and yarn for a design, I do think it is helpful to see how the knit fabric moves in a design. I plan to continue sharing these videos of my other designs. And yes, I’m aware that I pointed to the wrong corner to indicate the Linktree link. Hush.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see when I share designs!


Welcome to my website, where I will be sharing my knitwear designs and a bit about my design process in blog entries and sketches. There are also links to purchase my knitting patterns on Ravelry and Payhip, and a link to sign up for my new newsletter. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi! I’m Shana.