Shana S. Cohen, RA, LEED AP (she/Her)

Registered Architect + Knitwear Designer

I am an architect with experience teaching technical and design studio courses in several higher education venues. I bring my experience of geometry and writing design syllabi to my pattern writing. My size-inclusive patterns are mostly modular designs, and mostly garter stitch! In pattern writing, I make legible directions that allow the knitter to customize their own work in the process. I pay attention to maximizing yardage and adaptability of styling in my work. Throughout all of my endeavors, I love connecting with individuals, helping them to become the best version of themselves. I aim to write my patterns in a way to foster this creative expression in you, the knitter. I hope you have fun playing with color and style when working my patterns.

I value individual expression within my fiber arts community. I recognize the privilege I hold as a straight-sized white woman in this space. I strive to elevate makers of all size, race, religion, gender and abilities and showcase work with fibers in a variety of price points, both from a variety of independent dyers as well as commercially available products.

I practice Jewish values of clean speech and tzedakah (charitable giving) within my design work and beyond in my personal life. My words and actions are my own and I work to spread peace and mindful language to those around me.

I believe in science and research and trust experts. I place a high importance on mental health, and focus on practices that support my personal mental health, and the mental well-being of those around me. My identity is multi-faceted. I am both a technical and whimsical maker. I am a spouse, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I live my life with integrity, honesty, and love. I never intend to cause harm or discomfort to others, and if my actions offend you, please let me know so I can adjust my behavior.

Hate speech, racism, or bullying will not be tolerated on any of my platforms.