In the Moment

Anyone else find themselves in a battle of wanting to document things by photo, video and notes crashing against the idea of just being in the moment and soaking it all in? It’s a struggle, right? Do you ever wonder how we can “remember” the moments if we aren’t behind a lens, snapping them up? I have a pretty good memory for things, and find that photos, sketches, and words in my sketchbook help jog my memory to take me back to special places. I still fight the battle of overdocumenting things by taking out my camera, poised behind the lens, ready to capture the best stuff.

It’s funny, though: the best stuff is hard to capture, because it happens when you’re just in it.

Also does anyone else remember Instagram when you could only post that instant? It used its own camera without pulling from your camera reel. The choices we make about how we share have gotten so curated, is it even real?

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